All Strands of Grace customers are "pay it forward"
partners...whenever you wear your pearls remember that you
participated in this partnership AND  consider finding your own way to
pay it forward. This does not have to involve money...a simple smile or
a kind gesture to a stranger are free!  

Think, also, about the story of the pearl.  The beauty of the pearl starts
from the inside and works its way out...where layer by layer a beautiful
gem eventually emerges from circumstances intended to harm.  As
individual women we have unique layers that define us and are a result
of our own life circumstances.  Unfortunately, our culture has become
so hurried and focused on doing/having that it becomes easy to live
rather shallow lives.  The challenge is to take the time to examine
those layers and ask ourselves if we're reflecting the beauty inside us
and using it to impact the world around us.  If we are successful we can
consider ourselves to "pearls of purpose".
The Challenge