You've dreamed it,..planned want all the details to be perfect.  Make
your jewelry special too with a handcrafted pearl bridal design!  Whether
simple and traditional, or elaborate and more modern, you will find Strands
of Grace prices to be very affordable.  Do you have a strand of family pearls
that are either broken or too outdated?  Strands of Grace can turn
"something old" into "something new".
Katie looked stunning in her selection of the
Timeless Elegance which she chose to
customize with both white and cream pearls,
crystals, and a bright notched sterling silver
chain.  Earrings were made to match.  
Bridesmaids wore a single strand of
freshwater pearls with crystal and silver
Katie's Pearls
If you live in the Cincinnati area and are interested in discussing your bridal
jewelry ideas or if you would like to see my designs up me at