Baby Coins
Baby Coins is so'll love it with a
pair of blue jeans or an
elegant dress! The triple
strand of freshwater coin
pearls has a sterling silver
extender chain and
hammered sterling clasp.
Too Sweet
Six strands of petite freshwater
pearls make a stunning
combination.  These pearls are
4mm and have a crinkled
texture.  Clasp is hammered
sterling silver with a sterling
A large rose quartz nugget is
the inspiration for this
bracelet and is highlighted
with antiqued filigree brass.
Soft pink pearls and brass
are gorgeous accents.
Champagne Please
This romantic and
timeless bracelet
features six strands of
petite champagne colored
freshwater pearls. Clasp
and chain are sterling
Classic Double
Pearl Dainty
Triple in Pink
The classic look of
pearls...double strand of
freshwater pearls with
crystal and sterling silver
accents. Available in other
Three strands of
coppery/champagne colored
freshwater coin pearls have a
lightly aged look.
Dainty top drilled pearls with
sterling silver accents create a
gorgeous effect.
Adorn your wrist with a triple
strand of petite, soft pink
freshwater pearls.
Step into the LIME light with this
triple strand bracelet featuring
coin and button pearls. Crystal,
glass, pearls, and a baby
dragonfly charm adorn the
silver chain.
Hammer Heavy
HEAVY  hammered silver links
form a stunning chain...closure
links are adorned with pearls,
crystal, and antiqued silver. High
end designer look!
Golden Nuggets
Warm and rich...adorn your
wrist with six strands of
golden nugget shaped
Aquamarine Dreams
An 18mm crystal along with
freshwater pearls are nestled
between spikey aquamarine
nuggets. A sterling silver chain with
pearls sits alongside. Beachy
themed silver charms dangle from
an etched silver chain.
Stunning and
substantial...peacock toned stick
pearls with clusters of sterling
silver capped crystals and pearls.
Closure chain is adorned with
Chocolate Kiss
Adorn your wrist with chocolate
kisses!  Double strand of unique
brown pearls with antiqued silver
spacers.  Closure chain  is
highlighted with dangles.
Oh, so romantic! The large
freshwater pearls resemble
flower petals. Mingling amongst
the petals are clusters of silver
capped crystal and pearls.
Dainty sterling silver chain sits
Mary Jane
Sleek and sophisticated...triple
strand bracelet. Large etched
silver chain with crystal and
pearls. Clasp is unique and a
stunning addition.
Butterfly Kisses
Large peacock toned
keshi pearls resemble
playful butterfly wings.
Charms of pearls are
sprinkled throughout.
Forever Mine
A keepsake to cherish!
Charms and sterling silver
abound in this triple strand
bracelet. Red crystals  truly look
like velvet.
Elegant, lustrous and oh so
delicious!  Large stick pearls
are highlighted with pearl
dangles and an antiqued silver
love knot.
This unique, ornate chain is
adorned with charms of
pearls and crystal...finished
with a hammered silver
lobster claw clasp.
Silver Couture
Edgy and modern... this double strand
bracelet features one strand of large
ornate chain. A second strand boasts
a barrel of crystal quartz accented
with pearls.
The ultimate charm bracelet...I
dare you to take it off! LOADED
with pearls, crystal and silver
Rich in color and texture...the
color palette is reminiscent of
blue jeans...deep, faded, and
worn. Pearls and crystals
mingle with stones of sodalite
Amazing Grace
An eclectic mix of elegance. A
double strand bracelet blends
pearls, crystal, sterling silver, and
pewter.  A large silver filigree
cross is one of many charms.
This heavy ornate chain is truly
stunning. A chain of sterling silver
and crystal sits alongside. Charms
of pearls and crystal adorn the
closure chain.
Cool Waters
Super lustrous silvery blue stick
pearls are accented with a huge
teardrop shaped crystal on one
end and heavy link chain on the
The Vineyard
Green Jade
Ivory Shimmer
This bracelet was inspired by a
trip to champagne country in
France...sprawling vineyards for
as far as the eye could see.
Unusual green freshwater pearls
with clusters of crystal and
stunning chain.
So stunning... banded
amethyst is set with
charms of crystals and
pearls. A large slab of
amethyst dangles from
the front.
Rounds of green Canadian
jade are mixed with pearls,
crystals, and ornate chain.
Charms are sprinkled
Super lustrous biwa stick
pearls transition well from day
to evening. At one of this
bracelet is a piece of large
faceted quartz, and at the other,
heavy hammered chain with
Pink Courage
For our mothers, daughters,
sisters, friends...breast
cancer awareness bracelet.
This double strand bracelet
features pearls, rose quartz,
crystal and  sterling silver.
Charms include a pewter
awareness ribbon.
Rhapsody in Blue
So feminine with just enough
bling! A double strand
bracelet with pearls, crystal,
pewter and silver. Amongst
the many charms are unique
heart shaped blue pearls.
My Parisian Affair
A perfect blend of unexpected
elegance... this bracelet is
dedicated to the "city of light",
Paris, where I recently visited.
An ecclectic blend of
surprises... pearls, opalite,
fleur de lis, and a large silver
Saphire Blues
Sparkling couture... there is
certaintly nothing understated
about this bracelet! Blue faceted
crystals, pearls, crystal quartz,
pewter and sterling silver abound
in this substantial double strand
Modern Cinderella
Leave tradition behind! This
bracelet is a smorgasbord of
pearls in different shapes and
sizes including HUGE keshi pearls
and loads of crystals.
Pink Lady
A double strand beauty of rose
quartz, crystal, and freshwater
pearls, including super
lusterous pink keshi pearls.
This bracelet is adorned with
an abundance of charms,
including a sterling heart.
Sugar Plum
A large focal of crystal
quartz is flanked by deep
plum jasper, crystal,
pewter, and freshwater
pearls. Alongside the main
strand is sterling chain with
coordinating crystal.
Bold and chunky... turquoise,
coral and pearls combine for
a unique and beautiful effect.
Bold and chic... large teardrops
of natural turquoise are
accented with pewter love
knots, crystals and pearls. A
large pewter filigree bead and
heavy hammered link chain add
the finishing touch.
Turquoise Teardrops
Rustic and earthy with
splashes of bling!
This double strand bracelet
features brown stick pearls,
barrels of smoky quartz, a huge
silver love knot, and etched
silver chain.
Rustic Charm
So much sparkle and bling! Super
lustrous golden stick pearls are
highlighted with coordinating crystal
and gold button pearls. A definite
attention grabber.
Rounds of fuchsia agate
and candy jade are strung
with freshwater disc
pearls, pewter accents
and dangling charms.
Candy Jade
Gold Rush
Rocky Road
A delicious mix of chocolate,
caramel and creme! Large stones
of Brazilian agate are matched up
with crystal, pearls, and mix of
Indian Summer
Slabs of turquoise in shades of
autumn are wire together with
sterling silver wire. Dangling
between each are coordinating
charms of freshwater pearls and
This very substantial charm
bracelet mixes pearls,
crystal and glass in deep
jewel tone colors. Not for the
faint of heart!
Gypsy Soul
Just Peachy
Unique peach keshi pearls are
blended with coordinating crystals
and white freshwater pearls. A
second strand of sterling chain with
pearls sits alongside.
Unusual blue freshwater pearls
provide the backdrop in this
chunky, contemporary statement
bracelet. Clusters of charms and
hammered silver discs are used
as accents.
Quiet Waters
A stunning blend of blue and
white... faceted wheels of
blue agate are mixed with
clear quartz and freshwater
Bursting with colorful pastels,
this cha cha bracelet mixes sea
glass, pearls, crystal and pewter.
A large pewter flower charm sits
off to the side.
Slices of hot pink agate sit with
white pearls and crystal. Clusters
of charms are mixed throughout.
So playful and fun!
A strand of striking plum stick
pearls is blended with clusters of
coordinating charms. This
bracelet is bold and chunky!
This chunky pink pearl bracelet is
BOLDY feminine. Huge pale pink
keshi pearls are mingled with
clear crystals and dangling
charms of shell pearls and pink
Loads of charm! Chunks of
turquoise are blended with golden
freshwater pearls, shell pearl,
crystal, feldspar, sea glass, czec
glass... a generous mix of silver
pewter is added throughout.
Turquoise and Gold
Cotton Candy
Yummy...  teardrops of pink
coral. Clusters of charms
mingle throughout in
coordinating crystals and
white freshwater pearls.  
Step back in time with this
vintage inspired bracelet... the
centerpiece is a rhinestone
encrusted brooch (1-1/4") with
double strands of freshwater
pearls, crystals, and silver
pewter accents from the
Rhinestone Brooch
Golden Rose
Rich and yummy... this double
strand bracelet combines unique
matte gold metal with pink pearls,
rose quartz and crystal. Dangling
charms drop from the main
strand. Alongside the main strand
is a second strand of gold chain
with wire wrapped crystals.
Cocoa Latte
A true statement bracelet with
a silver pendant centerpiece
and double strands of brown
pearls, crystal and pewter.
Slabs of dalmation jasper
are mixed with black onyx,
freshwater disc pearls, and
ornate chain.