Pearls are a miracle of nature...a gem that emerges as a result of a
mollusk protecting itself from an intruder/irritant.  Layer by layer
the nacre coating is deposited, making each pearl unique.

Once only a luxury of the very wealthy, with the introduction of
the cultured pearl in the early 1900's pearls became affordable
and available to the average consumer.  A common
misconception is that the cultured pearl is not real...untrue.  Man
simply intervenes in the nature process by introducing the irritant
that forces the mollusk (oyster, mussel) to produce nacre.  With
the cultured pearl came an almost limitless variety of pearl
shapes and colors.

While some prefer the traditional round, white pearl, others are
drawn to the more unusual.  Some women say, "I'm just not a
pearl girl", believing pearls to be too elegant, expensive and
fashionably limited.  Many of these women become pearl
groupies once exposed to the treasure of the contemporary pearl!
A few words
about pearls