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In the spring of 2007 I received a "pay it forward" challenge from my parents inspired by
Oprah.  The challenge was given to each of the children and grandchildren and consisted
of a small amount of money along with a note asking us each to "pay it forward" by
investing the money in someone else.  Although the money was not enough to truly start
a business  it sparked an idea...wouldn't it be wonderful if I could begin something that
had some longevity and could continue to give beyond the amount given me.

Over those next few months I explored a number of ideas but kept primarily focused on
jewelry as it was one of my passions and I had been designing jewelry for about 7 years.   
I began exploring pearls and knew immediately that was it!  I was touched by the story
behind the pearl and came to believe that they offer some challenging life lessons.  
Pearls are a miracle of nature and a perfect example in nature of grace.  Having made that
decision, the name "Strands of Grace" came easily along with the idea of "pearls of
purpose". I would call my pearls "pearls of purpose" because in the spirit of the original
challenge given me I would donate 20% of my profit to various charities or situations of

It has been a humbling privilege to be able to pay forward to my community while doing
something I love.

Jari Smith
Strands of Grace